How to Host a Virtual Hen Party

Having planned hen parties, COVID-19 and the latest social distancing rules have forced brides-to-be everywhere to cancel or postpone their hen dos. [crying emoji] There’s nothing quite as soul destroying! While nothing can replace having a good old knees up with your bridesmaids and besties, I’ve found the next best thing… a virtual hen party (bear with me).

Some future brides may find this absurd, but during a time when we are locked up, locked down, feeling sombre and quite frankly a little lonely, coming together in a virtual space to have a good laugh and forget about everything else that’s going on for an hour or two, might be just what the doctor ordered!

First of all… What is a virtual hen party?

A virtual hen party is built on the idea of guests enjoying celebrations in their own home, and sharing the experience in a digital space, using the internet. So, you get a thumbs up from Boris for following the official social distancing guidelines, and can have a scream with your bridal party with an online celebration - it’s also fantastic if you have long-distance friends and relatives! You’re already breaking the mould as virtual hen parties are relatively new to the wedding industry, so be as whacky and creative as you like!

What’s the big deal?

Even if you’re holding a real hen party when the dust settles, everyone’s feeling a little glum right now. So this could just cheer everyone up, get the girls connected and reduce that feeling of isolation.

How to Hold a Virtual Hen Party

  1. First write your guest list
  2. Next choose your e-invite. I have a selection of digital hen party invitations that I can customise with the details of your cyber event.
    See the collection here >
  3. Once you’ve received your personalised hen party e-invite, it’s time to send it out to your guests. You can invite people by email, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp, or start a Facebook group. The e-invite will be sent as a JPEG so just share it or attach it to the message.
  4. Then for the techy bit… You’ll basically be video calling people in a group chat, so you can use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. There are several different options when it comes to which software / computer programme to use including FaceTime, Whatsapp Group Video Call, Skype, Google Hangout and Zoom. Zoom actually has a lot of fun features, you can share pictures on the screen and it has a whiteboard feature if you want to play pictionary, hangman or do a quiz. If you’re using a new programme, I’d recommend testing it by video calling someone beforehand. 

Virtual Hen Party Games and Fun

A virtual hen party can be just as much fun as a real hen party. 

Why not create a playlist on Youtube or Spotify and share it with your hens before you go live? Get all the old tunes in there that will take you back to those epic nights of the past. This is great for sparking memories and conversations of fun times! You can get your hens to nominate a song, play  a ‘name that tune’ game or karaoke if you dare!

If you fancy a dance off, ask your hens to throw out their best and worst dance moves, have a virtual silent disco or do a dance challenge.

If you find dancing a bit cringe, or you’re not planning on getting that drunk, you can play some fun hen party games such as cards against humanity, DIY bingo, a themed pub quiz or trivia game.

Thanks to Netflix, you can now watch movies online together with Netflix party - it synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat to shows or movies. 

Naturally you’ll want some tasty snacks, you could even have a cook off. Share a recipe beforehand so everyone has time to prepare and see who can bake the best dish!

Theme Your Virtual Hen Party

To add a few extra laughs, you could theme to your hen party. Why not ask everyone to dress up and stimulate the DIY costumes should be made from household items? Or you could theme the music, games and food. 

And finally, relax, forget about everything else that’s going on and have a scream!