Luxury Wedding Invitations to Wow Your Guests

If you’re reading this, firstly, congratulations on your engagement and good luck with your wedding planning! Secondly, I imagine you have established weddings can be a costly affair and are planning your wedding budget. While it can be tempting to try and save a few pounds, by sending e-invites or doing DIY invitations, there are lots of reasons that luxury wedding stationery can really work for your wedding.

Luxury wedding invitations white with flowers and chiffon tie

Each time I hear couples say “I don’t want to waste money on invitations because they just end up in the bin…” a tiny part of me dies inside. Not just because I’m a complete wedding stationery aficionado, but because the couple has obviously never received one of those luxurious, stand out invites that not only sets the tone for their whole wedding, but is kept and treasured as a special family keepsake or added to a memory box.

Luxury wedding invitations become family keepsakes

If you put a little thought, effort and personality into your wedding stationery, your close friends and family will keep pieces as a memento of your special day, adding them to scrap books, photo albums and memory boxes to look back on. Your wedding day is super special to your parents, grandparents and best friends, they don’t bin family photos, so why would they throw away a luxury wedding invitation? It’s also nice, amidst a digital age of photos and memories being ‘on facebook’ to have a physical keepsake that carries a piece of your family history. Your invitations can carry your parents names or include a bespoke illustration of your wedding venue, making them uniquely personal to you, and something loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Here are some of my invitations, hand decorated with tassels, which make nice luxury keepsakes for guests to remember your wedding day:

Luxury wedding invitations with tassels

Setting the Tone for Your Wedding Day

Luxury wedding stationery sets the tone for your big day. It should exude the theme and style of the celebration to come so guests know what to expect. An elaborate wedding in a luxury venue with a formal dinner and dancing should have an equally extravagant invitation - perhaps premium paper, metallic details and tassels… Imagine receiving a wedding invitation encased in a vellum wrap with a luxurious wax seal or hand tied chiffon ribbon. You’d know to dress in formal attire and expect a high brow celebration - the stationer is doing its job and setting the tone perfectly.

Below are some of my Art Deco wedding invitations, perfect for preparing guests for a roaring twenties ball, or celebration in an Art Deco wedding venue:

Luxury art deco wedding invitations pink

Building excitement and anticipation

Every couple wants guests to get excited for their wedding day. The perfect invitation should hint at what lies ahead, and create a buzz of excitement for your guests. If it’s to be a lavish fun-filled affair with plenty of entertainment, this can be conveyed through your wedding stationery. If you’re hosting a luxury destination wedding, this can be incorporated into your save the dates and invitations, as well as your ‘on the day’ wedding stationery.

Perfectly Practical

Sending out premium save the dates and wedding invitations is not only traditional and a nice thing to do, it’s also practical and can make planning a little easier for your wedding guests. For example, save the dates often get pinned to notice boards and fridges, ensuring your wedding date is front of mind for everyone. Luxe invitation suites can also include vital guest information which can be kept somewhere safe for easy reference. While you can send out e-invites, it’s possible that some of your guests are not too tech savvy or confident with smartphones, and they may prefer a physical invitation with the venue address to help them travel to your event.

Here are some photos of guest information sheets, designed to complement the beautiful save the dates and invitations:

Luxury wedding invitations with maroon watercolours

A handy communication tool

Luxe invites really communicate the who, what, when and where of the elaborate event about to take place…


Obviously, you’ll include your names on your wedding stationery, but it is traditional to include the names of parents on more formal, exquisite invites.


You can share not only the date of your wedding, but the time of the ceremony, the time of the evening do, if it’s at a different venue and extra details such as timings of dinner or if guests should arrive early.


Some couples choose to include the full address of their venue on their invitations, although it can look more premium to simplify or shorten the venue address, allowing more breathing space around the text. If your wedding will be a luxury event, every fine detail should be taken care of, which can be aided with guest information sheets that are sent out with your invitations. These can include travel, parking, accommodation or any other useful information.

The difference between luxury and budget invitations

There are several elements that help give wedding invitations an air of luxury, differentiating them from their inferior budget counterparts, from the paper and envelopes used to the embellishments and trims. And also the feeling, impression and amazement guests get when they receive luxury invites, and the desire to keep them and cherish them forever.
The difference between budget and luxury wedding stationery, is really all in the detail. That’s I am meticulous about details on invitations. Below are some photos of wax seals and pretty ribbon ties.

Luxury wedding invitations with watercolour eucalyptus design and pink chiffon ribbon tie

How do I make my wedding invitations luxurious?

OK, so there’s a few things I like to do to make my stationery sweets a little lavish....

Firstly, I always use good quality paper (none of the cheap, slightly see-through stuff) and good quality envelopes. Secondly, I use a professional printer to ensure the print quality is perfect - no pixelation, blurred text or text cut off the edges. I create a more premium vibe, by making sure the design is perfect - the lettering, fonts and illustrative elements surrounded by the perfect amount of negative space. Finally, I use high quality, luxury trims such as vellum wraps, laser cut belly bands, tassels, buttons, wax seals, torn ribbon and lovely, chiffon ribbon ties.