New: South Beach Art Deco Wedding Stationery

As a wedding stationery designer, inspiration comes from a myriad of places. We are always trying to hone our creative skill and look in new, undiscovered places for sources of inspiration - from the natural world to historic art movements and even elements of popular culture. I’ve always been fond of the 1920’s. I love the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties, sequins, feathers, the shimmer and sparkle.

When I was at college studying Fashion and Clothing years ago, I based a dress project on art deco design. I loved the striking geometric shapes and curves of towering New York Skyscrapers which informed the shape of my design. More recently one of my best friends got married at King’s Hall and Winter Garden in Otley, with a nod to art deco in her wedding styling.

Art deco wedding stationery mood board

The Inspiration

While I was perusing Pinterest for inspiration for my latest collections I came across some striking images of fabulous art deco buildings in gorgeous pastel shades. I’ve always associated art deco with darker colours - black, gold and silver and striking jewel shades such as emerald green. I found the softer colour palette of baby pinks, mint green and lemon refreshing and perfect for spring. I’ve always associated art deco design with downtown Manhattan, Broadway and New York and was delighted to discover that Miami is an architectural goldmine with the highest concentration (more than 800) of Art Deco buildings in the world which were unlike any of the structures I have studied before… and so my South Beach Art Deco collection was born…

Miami south beach art deco architecture

Henry Hohauser was one of the most prolific architects in Miami, and responsible for much of the art deco styling in the area. A fellow dog lover, he and his wife grace had a boxer dog that used to play the piano when they entertained guests. Former hotel, The Webster, is a classic example of his work and conforms to Hohauser’s ‘law of three’, with a three-story building sliced into thirds with three windows along the front. The building is now a designer boutique housing the likes of Lanvin, but still boasts pastel decor, gleaming staircases and terrazzo floors. I love the tonal shades of blue, distributed with a salmon and coral pink pattern, and immediately thought they’d lend themselves well to art deco wedding stationery.

Pink art deco wedding stationery

The Webster Hotel Art Deco miami

Henry created more than 300 art deco buildings in Miami, from restaurants and hotels to shops and theatres including Señor Frog’s (pictured below) which was designed in Streamline Moderne style, a style that emerged in the 1930’s and was inspired by aerodynamics. The style typically featured curving forms, long horizontal lines and occasionally nautical elements. The curved facade and porthole windows of Señor Frog’s are said to be inspired by ocean liners.

Senor Frog's Art Deco Miami

I fell in love with the fresh mint green shade of this building, and decided to use it as one of the core colours in my art deco Wedding stationery suite. I found it both calming and uplifting at the same time, and was sure my brides would love it just as much. I also took inspiration from the circular windows and used circles in some of my patterns.

Pastel green art deco wedding invitations and save the dates

I also looked at miami art deco interiors and noticed a stunning pairing of coral or salmon pink with bronze and gold. I decided to use soft pink for my second core colour, with a beautiful golden accent, which can be seen in some of my linear patterns and even the gold ribbons.

Pink art deco wedding stationery, invitations and save the dates