Wording for Wedding Invitations Explained

Wondering what to write on your wedding invitations? In my mission to help you save precious time when planning your wedding, here are a few tips to help you pen the perfect announcement, with essential information to include, how to word your invitations and a couple of templates too.

Essential information for your wedding invitations

Who is hosting the wedding?

Traditionally the bride’s parents host the wedding, so the wording would be from them, inviting guests to come and celebrate their daughter’s marriage to her partner. However, as times have moved on, the hosts can be the brides and grooms, step parents, or even children.

White wedding invitation with blue daisies

The request to come to the wedding…

Formal wording is usually used on invitations for traditional and religious ceremonies such as ‘request the pleasure of your company’ or ‘request the honour of your presence’. For modern weddings and civil ceremonies, more casual wording can be used such as ‘invite you to celebrate’ and ‘invite you to their wedding’.

Names of the couple getting married...

Wondering who’s name comes first on your wedding invitation? Traditionally, the bride’s name is placed before the groom’s. Names on same-sex wedding invitations can be placed alphabetically. Although this is just a guide and you can order the name however you wish. 

Pink modern wedding invitation with typography

The wedding location

How you display your wedding location on your invitations, much depends on the design. It is traditional to list the whole address and postcode, but with the evolution of ‘sat navs’ many couples choose to list the venue and city or venue and postcode. Some couples have reported that older guests don’t have as much access to sat navs on their phones, so this is something to bear in mind.

Wedding date and times

There are many ways to write the date on your wedding invitations, which will again depend on the design of your wedding stationery. 

1st August 2020
First August Twenty Twenty

Black typography wedding invitations

Wedding reception information

If your ceremony and evening celebrations are at different wedding venues, you should include details of your reception - the address and what time it starts and finishes.

Note: Separate invitations are usually sent out to guests that are just attending the evening reception. 

RSVP Details

Guests should RSVP so you can organise your seating plan. You should include instructions on how and when to do this. The RSVP details can be at the bottom of your invitation, on your guest information sheet or on a separate RSVP card. Your venue will advise when they need final numbers, but the RSVP cut off date is usually 4 weeks before your wedding. 

Optional Extra Wording

You can include extra key details on your invitations such as the dress code and whether children are welcome at your wedding, although it’s best to keep it brief as most of the information can on guest information or RSVP cards.

As promised, here are some wedding wording templates for you…


[bride’s full name] and [groom’s full name]

invite you to the ceremony and celebration of their marriage





[mother of the bride’s name] and [father of the bride’s full name]

request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter

[bride’s full name] to [groom’s full name]


[date and time]


[Together with their families or something similar]

[bride’s full name] and [groom’s full name]

Request the pleasure of your company at their marriage

[date and time]



[bride’s full name] and [groom’s full name]

invite you to sunny Marrakech to share in their wedding celebration


[dates and time]



[bride’s full name] and [bride’s full name]

Invite you to share in their love as they exchange vows

[date and time]




[child/children’s name(s)]

request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their parents

[bride’s name] to [groom’s name]


[date and time]


[bride’s full name]

daughter of [mother/father of the bride’s full name] and the late [deceased parent’s full name]


[groom’s full name] son of [groom’s parents’ names]

request the pleasure of your presence

at their marriage





Join us for the wedding of

[bride’s full or first name] & [groom’s full or first name]

[first location ]

[date and time]

Followed by [second location and timings]


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