Wedding Order of Service Tips

Wedding Order of Service Tips

What is an Order of Service for a wedding?

Your wedding order of service helps guide guests through your ceremony. It may be one of the last things you order, but it’s also one of the most important! An order of service for a wedding, is essentially a printed booklet that contains the running order of your ceremony, words to hymns (useful for any guests that may have forgotten or don’t know the words), words to readings (especially useful if guests at the back can’t quite hear) and some couples like to include details of their wedding party. 

An order of service, wedding program and ceremony program are all the same thing...

Dusty blue wedding order of service with hydrangeas

Designing your order of service is a chance to get creative and how you present it is up to you – I love to decorate them with colours and flowers to match your wedding theme and the booklet covers can be printed with a venue illustration, a watercolour painting of your church or even a stunning pet portrait.

How much does a wedding order of service cost?

This much depends on the style and size of the order of service. A single folded card might start from £2.95 each, while a booklet with pages may be £4.25. You should also factor in any illustration and design costs, plus shipping. It’s best to contact me with any colours florals and specific design details you’d like, and don’t forget to let me know the quantity!

What does an order of service include?

Each order of service is unique and should be tailored to your ceremony. Order of services include the running order of your ceremony, songs and music references, hymns, readings, your wedding party and any special thank yous or dedications to family members that are deceased if you wish.

How many pages does a wedding order of service have?

My order of services usually have 8 x pages including the covers - the outer covers, inside covers and 4 sides of A5 inside. 

How many orders of service do I need for a wedding?

You should order one per guest, or one between two with a few spare. Don’t forget to order an extra one or two for your keepsake box!

When should I order my order of services?

If you are looking for illustrated order of services, perhaps with a watercolour venue illustration or pet portrait, please do not leave it until the last minute! I recommend ordering 6-8 weeks before your wedding, although it’s never too early to order wedding stationery, so getting them booked in when you order your other stationery is a great idea.

Do I need an order of service for a church wedding?

Yes, you should have printed order of service booklets for a church wedding. They are a practical, useful piece of stationery for your guests and really help them throughout the ceremony. They are also often kept as keepsakes afterwards. Your wedding order of service should include all the details of your wedding ceremony, music, hymns and readings. 

What’s the difference between an order of the day and order of service?

An order of service and an order of the day are different items of wedding stationery with similar names, just to be confusing… An order of service is a printed booklet, which specifically refers to your wedding ceremony when you are making your vows - the religious or civil ceremony part. An order of the day refers to the whole day, with key timings of your ceremony, wedding breakfast, reception and entertainment - this can be printed on a board or single cards. Both an order of service and order of the day can be beautifully designed, bright and colourful or soft and elegant they should perfectly complement your wedding theme.

Please contact me for a quote if you are looking for custom order of services for your wedding.