Can I Have Burnt Orange Wedding Invitations?

Can I Have Burnt Orange Wedding Invitations?

Wondering if burnt orange will work for wedding invitations? The short answer is yes… and here’s a few reasons why orange wedding stationery is a fabulous choice! 

Our new burnt orange wedding stationery sets include striking yet sophisticated pieces, sure to dazzle your guests. From watercolour flowers in rich shades of orange, terracotta, russet and gold to the alluring burnt orange envelopes, wax seals and new vellum jackets for wedding invitations. 

If you are looking for a wedding colour scheme that exudes elegance and warmth, burnt orange is an excellent choice. With its rich and captivating hues, the shade creates a captivating ambiance that adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding stationery. Now, let’s explore the beauty of burnt orange wedding invitations and how this vibrant colour can make your wedding styling even more remarkable.

What colours does burnt orange go with for a wedding? 

Burnt orange is a striking wedding colour that blends elements of warmth, passion, and earthiness. It’s versatile and looks fab alongside a whole host of other shades.

For summer weddings, incorporate orange into a sunset colour palette of oranges, pinks and yellows. Or try it with hot pink and crisp white for a refreshing splash of colour.

For autumn weddings, burnt orange blends seamlessly with burgundy, tan, brown, gold and other rustic or berry-like shades. While winter weddings can take inspiration from the highlands and natural forestry, seeing orange complemented with emerald or teal, browns and cream.

    It’s great for destination weddings, paired with vibrant hues such as hot pink, yellow and blue and also looks great with ivory and white.

    How can I use burnt orange on wedding invitations?

    Be inspired by the endless design possibilities burnt orange offers for your wedding stationery!
    1. Use burnt orange card - Invitations don’t always have to be white, and printing with white ink onto a bright base colour can create some beautiful designs.
    2. Add burnt orange flowers - Decorate the edges and corners of your stationery suite with burnt orange watercolour flowers.
    3. Orange wax seals - There’s lots of ways to personalise wax seals, from using a monogram or custom stamp design to opting for colourful wax.
    4. Bright orange envelopes for invitations - The envelope colours can be customised too, with lots of lovely shades available, including blush, burgundy and burnt orange.
    5. Add burnt orange to your ‘day stationery’ - Good wedding styling is built on cohesive colour palettes. If you’re using burnt orange for wedding invitations, it’s a great idea to also incorporate the colour on your table plan, place cards, menus and table numbers for the day of your wedding.
    6. Commission a wedding venue illustration incorporating burnt orange colours - Watercolour illustrations look great in many colour schemes, and can be made up of rich orange, burgundy, russet and brown shades if that complements your colour scheme. I can also add pretty florals and foliage around the illustration that tie in with your bouquet and décor. 

    What flowers go with a burnt orange wedding?

    Burnt orange wedding flowers make a captivating choice and look stunning arranged with cream roses or peonies; dahlias, ranunculus and hydrangeas in orange or rustic shades, and fillers such as eucalyptus, rabbits tails or pampas grass.

    When it comes to choosing wedding invitations, burnt orange effortlessly combines elegance and warmth. Its rich and vibrant tone creates an inviting ambiance, and the versatility of this color allows for endless design possibilities. By choosing burnt orange wedding invitations, you can infuse your special day with a touch of sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Let the allure of burnt orange set the stage for a truly remarkable celebration filled with love, joy, and cherished memories.