Wedding Sign Ideas: Top Tips to Wow your Guests

Wedding Sign Ideas: Top Tips to Wow your Guests

Wedding Sign Ideas: Top Tips to Wow your Guests

Welcome to my ultimate guide for wedding signage, with all your need to know about custom signs for your wedding day - from exactly what signs you need for your wedding, to inspirational ideas for the event sign designs and practical tips on sizing and pricing.

Although wedding signs will be one of the last things you order and may seem a little dull, if you get creative, custom signs can be statement pieces creating a backdrop or focal point at your wedding. Wedding signs are also vital in ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly, helping to inform and direct guests throughout the day.

What type of signage is needed at a wedding?

Essential signage that you really need…

Wedding welcome sign - to help reassure guests they are in the right place when they arrive, to help direct guests to where they need to be and to make your styling look cohesive.

Wedding Welcome Sign

Custom table plan - Also referred to as seating plans and seating charts, table plans help manage the flow of guests, making it easier for people to find their table and ultimately seat.

Custom Wedding Table Plan

Order of Events Board - Also referred to as an ‘Order of the Day’, these signs are super helpful at letting guests know when key events are taking place throughout your wedding day such as cutting the cake, your first dance and evening food. You can also mark ‘carriages’ on the sign which lets guests know when the celebration finishes, and may give them a nudge to pre-book taxis home at closing time.

Order of Events Wedding Sign

Unplugged ceremony signs - One of my pet peeves is seeing stunning wedding
photography, and all the guests have a phone in hand, completely spoiling the shot. If you’re opting for an unplugged ceremony, you’ll need a sign to place at the entrance of your ceremony space to communicate this with guests.

Unplugged wedding sign

 Custom wedding signs that will make your day really shine…

● Custom signs for your wedding reception - Creating a stunning backdrop behind your top table is a key wedding trend this season and my arched wedding sign with a quote is perfect for this. Customised in your wedding colours and printed with a romantic quote that is special to you as a couple, it is the perfect sign for wedding reception!

Arched wedding sign with quote

● Directional signs - If your venue isn’t easy to navigate or is in large grounds, you may want directional signs to help guests find their way. Sometimes the venue provide these, but you can also have custom directional signs made in a colour and style to match your other wedding stationery.

Signature cocktail signs - As couples look to take event personalisation to the next level, signature cocktails are trending with many called ‘Mr and Mrs’, ‘His and Hers’ cocktails or even named after pets! If you’re having a signature cocktail at your wedding, why not display an illustrated cocktail sign with a watercolour painting of your favourite tipple and a list of ingredients, so guests know exactly what is going to be tantalising their taste buds.

Cocktail signs with dogs

● Photo sharing signs - This year has seen the rise of QR codes at weddings, and they can be used on photo sharing signs so that guests can easily upload photos of your wedding day. Also called ‘Capture the Love’ or ‘Share the Love’ signs, they are fantastic for helping guests upload pics to an online photo album so you can see even more pictures of your celebration.

● Small wedding signs - I consider these to be smaller A5 or A6 sized wedding signs that sit on tables such as your cake, gift and guestbook table.

What do you put on a welcome sign?

I love getting creative with welcome signs as they are the first thing guests see when they arrive at your wedding, it’s great to personalise them and make them 100% unique to you and your wedding. Here are 3 of my favourite welcome sign ideas…

Wedding welcome sign with crest
Welcome signs with crests - These boards are printed with a custom wedding crest with hand painted elements. Designed with your wedding colours and florals, the crest also includes a monogram and cute illustrations of things that are special to you as a couple - from places you have travelled, to hobbies and favourite cocktails.
Wedding welcome sign with dogs

Welcome signs with dogs - If you’re looking for ideas for incorporating your dog into your wedding, look no further. Adding your pooch to your welcome sign can be a fun addition to your wedding styling and is sure to make your guests smile.

Wedding Love Story Welcome Board

Love Story Welcome Boards - These illustrated welcome signs feature a visual timeline of your journey together. Also called ‘Our Story So Far’ and ‘Our Journey’, my illustrated love stories can include where you met, your first date, first holiday, engagement and wedding date. Once complete, the illustration can also be printed and framed in your home, making a lovely wedding keepsake of your special day!

How do you display signs at a wedding?

Once you’ve found the perfect signage, you will need a stand for the boards. You have 3 main options - an easel, available in wood, white, black and acrylic; a metal hanging frame (I find these look more modern and a little different, so these are my personal favourite); or a wooden box stand that goes on the ground and your signage is inserted into it. Depending on how tall it is, you could prop the board against a wall, but don’t forget it should be at eye level, so it might be better placed on a table against a wall if you are doing this. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, event signs can also be hung perhaps from a tree or the exterior of a building if it permits.

Does wedding signage have to match?

Yes, yes, yes! Your wedding signs should match your other stationery using the same colours, florals and foliage and generally aesthetics, ensuring your wedding is styled to perfection and everything looks cohesive.

Lemon Stationery Design

What size should a wedding welcome sign be?

I recommend all table plans and welcome signs to be A1 size, or at the very least A2 - anything smaller really does get lost in the room, won’t make an impact and will be difficult for guests to see.

How much do wedding signs cost?

The cost of wedding signs much depends on the cost and design of it. At the top end, the most expensive ones include hand painted, bespoke illustrations such as the welcome signs with crests, or love story welcome boards. A table plan with a decorative floral border will most likely be mid-range while smaller signs for the cake table will obviously be cheaper.

If you’d like a custom sign for your wedding, please get in touch as I’d love to chat about ideas and how I can help enhance your wedding day styling.