What Goes on a Wedding Crest

What Goes on a Wedding Crest

Wedding Crest Ideas

Wedding crests are a unique piece of artwork, incorporating highly personalised illustrations that are significant to you as a couple. A modern take on the traditional family coat of arms, watercolour crests help tell your story and represent your individual personalities.

My crest designs are hand painted, with each one being unique, in keeping with your wedding styling and perfect for using throughout our wedding.

Blue custom wedding crest with dog watercolour illustrations

I consider these bespoke wedding emblems as an investment, as once designed, they can be used on a multitude of wedding stationery and decor items. From paper goods such as wedding invitations and menus, to signage, favour tags and napkins. Plus, they can be printed and framed in your home as a reminder of your special day.

What Goes on a Wedding Crest?

Custom crests are made up of several components…

  • Florals and foliage - these usually match your wedding flowers or the colour scheme for your wedding
  • Your initials
  • 1 x focal point illustration - This is usually a custom pet portrait, venue illustration or significant place you have visited
  • Up to 4 x smaller custom illustrations - these could symbolise places you have visited, hobbies and interests, favourite food and drink etc.
  • Date or family name - Usually placed on banner / scroll underneath crest

Custom wedding crest with arrows showing custom decorative elementsWhat letters go on a wedding crest?

The interlinked letters in the centre of a wedding crest are often referred to as monograms and are made up of the first letters of your first names. Some couples choose to have three letters, which would be the first letter of your surname, and then the first letters of your first names, slightly smaller either side. 

Whose Initials Go First in a Wedding Monogram?

Traditionally, the bride’s initial goes first in a wedding monogram, however the beauty of modern times is that we have the freedom to be creative, and are less bound by old wedding traditions.

What Colours are Wedding Crests?

I generally advise that your crest should match the colour scheme of your wedding, and in all my years as a designer, I haven’t come across a colour palette I’ve been unable to work with! 

collage of ways to use a custom wedding crest, a wedding sign, wedding menu, wedding invitation and wedding favour tag
Some of my favourite wedding crest colours:
  • Autumnal wedding crests - shades of burgundy, burnt orange, dusty rose and forest green
  • Dusty blue - this shade looks fab with just white and foliage, or can be paired with pastel tones such as blush pink, peach, lilac or lemon yellow. The latter are great if you are incorporating wildflowers into your wedding too.
  • Bright wedding monograms - Perfect for destination weddings or tropical locations, shades of hot pink, blush, orange and emerald green work well for bright wedding stationery.
  • Sage green - Pair with blush pink and cream, roses and peonies for the ultimate modern wedding crest